Today;s Fathers’ Day

19 6月

        My dad used to be an agry and bad tempered man when i was young .he quarelled with mom most days when i got to know things.he got angry when he couldn;t find his coat or socks.surely he bounced the engine of the truck which didn;t work in the early morning s of  cold winter.he yelled at neighbors who complainted at his rude behaviors.he easily lost control.iwas ashamed of him.he;s an angry lion always.i wished i could be the daughter of uncle with nice smiles next door…

       Many years passed by,we’ve grown up and dad getting old,i can easily tell out his gray hair with the left black one.he plays cards or chess with old ppl for his age in the community or teaches Gerlly (my 11year- old niece) flute , piano or handwriting on paper home.he looks  mild and easy-going.of  course cigarettes makes him excited as b4.he doesn;t shout or yelled at anyone,listening to mom.maybe he realizes what he chasesin his life.he wants an Erhu we made it true.then i begin to think that  life’s  sooo fun and special .nobody knows what will happen in future.

       Bk to the words,i would like my future kids a dad with nice personalities.r\Responsiblities and honsty are most important in a guy.many things take place coz of feelings of inscurity.This is women.

       Btw,HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my old dad and dads in the world. 😛

cheers !!!hohoholololoolo




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